Tuesday, 28 September 2010

An observation, not an announcement

This blog is dead.

In truth, it has been stone-dead for months, and perilously ill for several years before that. I have to admit that the so-called 'teabag' movement in the USA did accelerate its decline, but there were other factors at work too.

I'd like to think that, once upon a time, Tampon Teabag was quite an entertaining place, in a disgusting sort of way. Well, I enjoyed it anyway. So thanks to everyone who read, linked, lurked, commented, or contributed (yes, David Duff included). Three editors even had such good taste as to lift posts from it into book-form.

The good news is that I'm not dead. At least I don't think I am. I believe myself still to be around. If you'd like to know what I'm up to, do get in touch.


  1. I'm sorry - another one bites the dust. Enjoyed it a lot while it lasted. Especially the bits with David Duff.

  2. I'm sorry too. Brief blog death notice here, with bad puns and ego trip attached.

  3. I shall wear black Y-fronts today 'in memoriam'. But at least you have saved me from the constant debate as to whether or not to remove you from my 'Favourites' list, you see, I always had hopes of an eventual triumphant return.

    Seriously, I hope you and yours are all well. You know, of course, that there is always a welcome (of sorts!) at Duff & Nonsense should you wish to visit and, er, deposit your opinion.

    Best Wishes,

  4. Say its not so , please come back soon , you did make a great read and was enjoyed by many I wish you well and take care of yourself you will be missed ......

  5. Damn! Beaten to the finish line! I was going to have my blog put down in the next week or so. The intention was to perform a blog disembowelment by deleting a post per day until there was nothing left but the template. It now occurs to me that a) nobody would give a fuck and b) it may be better to leave it where it is, principally as a warning to future generations.......

    I won't say I'll miss Tampon Teabag, as it was dying on it's arse for the last two years anyway and I've got along fine without it. What I will say is that it was (almost) always readable and amusing, and was part of a time when I found blogging to be an essential and enjoyable activity. Eeh! It were all html round here when I were a lad etc......

    Ok, eulogy over. I need to visit Facebook and lose the will to live again.......

    iLL Man

  6. That's a shame that the blog is dead. I clicked on a link and hoped to read something or other (not sure what) but now I'll never find out what it was that I was going to read.